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Babbitt Waiting to  Airport Shuttle ServiceWhether you are in Destin Florida for a spring break blowout party, a family vacation, personal relaxation, or even a business trip, there are lots of ways to get around the city and max out your vacation potential, or save you time and money. Hundreds of fun and exciting opportunities await you in Destin, Florida if you have a means to get around, and to see all the wonderful things that the city has to offer! There are uncountable tour activities, attractions, parks, beaches, and restaurants in Destin. But the locations of your choices can often be spread far across the peninsula and connecting areas. Different attractions that you may choose can be a hassle to get to, but not without proper transportation, and Aloha Limo has the information you need to make the most of your trip to Destin, Florida.

Do you enjoy exploring the beach side? If sand, surf, and sun interests you, then you might be interested in sports equipment rentals. There are dozens of rental shops in Destin that will provide affordable, family-friendly fun to you and your travel companions! Whether biking down the miles of white sands and pristine coastline or catching waves on surf boards or boogie boards is your best interest, beach side equipment rental companies can offer you access to countless hours of fun on the beach. Cheaper than renting motorized vehicles and definitely less expensive than professional tours, bike rentals can be an easy and fun way to get out of the hotel room and start exploring.

If you like to sight see, there are also many tour attractions in Destin, Florida. For the thrill seeker, try a flying tour with one of Destin’s best private helicopter companies for an aerial view of the bustling city. Flying over the ocean and looking down on the crowds of beach goers is sure to be an experience to remember. For more relaxed Destin adventurers who don’t want to pedal a bike or fly through the air, beach scooter rentals are also an option. Though they are a tad bit more costly than beach bicycle rentals, scooter and moped rentals are a popular and fun option that many Destin tourists use to experience the city. Just remember to pay for parking to avoid those pesky parking tickets!

However, sometimes the attractions that interest you or your family or group might take you farther inland than you might want to walk, drive by scooter, or bike. Beach equipment rentals are perfect for taking a relaxing (but invigorating!) trip down the coastline, but car rentals or even taxis would better suit the city goers. Whether you’re ferrying your family from the beach to the water park, or taking a trip from your room to any one of the dozens of museums, nature walks, or beautiful public parks in Destin, there is an option for you! Standard taxis or Ubers do the trick, but watch out for price boosting during the busier summer months. For standard and affordable rates, assured safety, and a guarantee of high quality service, use Aloha Limo for any and all of your taxi needs around the city of Destin!